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A Promise and A Way of Life
Thompson, Becky. "A Promise and A Way of Life." In: White Antiracist Activism. University of Minnesota Press pp. 482. 2001. [Book] [206.tho]
Abstract:Weaves an account of the past half-century based on the life histories of 39 people who have placed antiracist activism at the center of their lives.

Ain`t I a Woman
hooks, bell. "Ain`t I a Woman." In: black women and feminism. South End Press pp. 205. 1981. [Book] [701.hoo]
Abstract:Examines the impact of sexism on black women during slavery, the historic devaluation of black womanhood, black male sexism, racism within the women`s movement and black women`s involvement with feminism.

All the Women are White, All the Blacks are Men, But Some of us are Brave
Hull, Gloria & Scott, Patricia. "All the Women are White, All the Blacks are Men, But Some of us are Brave." In: Black Women`s Studies. The Feminist Press pp. 402. 1982. [Book] [701.hul]
Abstract:Collection of articles on the difficulities of being a black woman.

Beauty Secrets
Chapkis, Wendy. "Beauty Secrets." In: Women and the politics of appearance. South End Press pp. 214. 1986. [Book] [205.cha]
Abstract:Explores the links between appearance, gender and sexuality.

Black and White: Styles in Conflict
Kochman, Thomas. "Black and White: Styles in Conflict." University of Chicago Press pp. 177. 1981. [Book] [206.koc]
Abstract:A study in cultural differences.

Black Women in America
Malson, Micheline & Mudimbe-Boyi, Elisabeth. "Black Women in America." In: Social Science Perspectives. University of Chicago Press pp. 340. 1990. [Book] [206.mal]
Abstract:Collection of writings that seed to establish the nature of Afro-American Women`s experiences while providing a theoretical framework for Black feminist thought.

Bridges of Power
Albrecht, Lisa & Brewer, Rose. "Bridges of Power." In: Women`s Multicultural Alliances. New Society Publishers pp. 244. 1990. [Book] [206.alb]
Abstract:24 writers who sing the struggles through which the women`s movement is broadening and gathering force.

Chain, Chain, Change
White, Evelyn C.. "Chain, Chain, Change." In: For Black Women Dealing with Physical and Emotional Abuse. The Seal Press pp. 78. 1985. [Book] [206.whi]
Abstract:For the black woman who wants to understand the role of emotional abuse and violence in her life and for the activist and professional who works with domestic violence.

Common Differences
Joseph, Gloria & Lewis, Jill. "Common Differences." In: Conflicts in Black and White Feminist Perspective. South End Press pp. 306. 1981. [Book] [206.jos]
Abstract:Analysis of an the schism in the women`s movement: the differences between black and white women`s perspectives, attitudes and concerns.

Crimes Against Women
Russell, Diana & Vandeven, Nicole. "Crimes Against Women." In: The proceedings of the International Tribunal. Les Femmes pp. 298. 1976. [Book] [200.rus]
Abstract:Story of the first Tribunal on Crimes Against Women held in Brussels, Belgium in 1976.

Dismantling Racism
Barndt, Joseph. "Dismantling Racism." In: The continuing challenge to White America. Augsburg Fortress pp. 179. 1991. [Book] [206.bar]
Abstract:Analyzes racism and how white america can dismantle racism and how that would bring about a better society.

Ending Rape and Ending Racism: A Deeply-Rooted Connection
, . "Ending Rape and Ending Racism: A Deeply-Rooted Connection." Ohio Coalition on Sexual Assault pp. 3. V. 14.2003. [Newsletter] [206.oho]
Abstract:Article on understanding the connections between anti-rape and anti-racism work.

Enter the River
Shearer, Jody Miller. "Enter the River." In: Healing Steps from white privilege toward racial reconciliation. Herald Press pp. 212. 1994. [Book] [206.she]
Abstract:Explores the definitions of prejudice and racism and the different effects of racism on white persons and people of color.

Evaluating the empowerment of women of color within your organization
Ross, Loretta. "Evaluating the empowerment of women of color within your organization." Ohio Coalition on Sexual assault pp. 1. V. 14.2003. [Journal Article] [1200.ros]
Abstract:Excerpt in OCASA`s newsletter from a longer article by Ross.

Framed! Spinning Race in the Media
, . "Framed! Spinning Race in the Media." ColorLines pp. 15. 2003. [Magazine] [706.col]
Abstract:Series of articles on race and the media that appeared in ColorLines magazine.

Hate Crimes Seminar
, . "Hate Crimes Seminar." In: Working Together to Stop Hate Crimes. State of Illinois 1998. [Document] [200.ill]
Abstract:Documents from Hate Crimes Seminar sponsored by the Il. Attorney General`s office in 1998.

Home Girls
Smith, Barbara. "Home Girls." In: A Black Feminist Anthology. Rutgers University Press pp. 361. 2000. [Book] [701.smi]
Abstract:Collection of writings by Black feminist and lesbian activists.

I am the Fire of Time
Katz, Jane. "I am the Fire of Time." In: The Voices of Native American Women. E.P. Dutton pp. 200. 1977. [Book] [206.kat]
Abstract:Collection of 90 writings from Native American Women.

Is Bill Cosby Right?
Dyson, Michael. "Is Bill Cosby Right?." In: Or has the Black Middle Class Lost Its Mind?. Basic Books pp. 288. 2005. [Book] [701.dys]
Abstract:Expose of the class and generational divide that is tearing black America apart.Expose of the class and generational divide that is tearing black America apart.

killing rage
Hooks, bell. "killing rage." In: ENDING RACISM. Henry Holt and Company pp. 277. 1995. [Book] [206.hoo]
Abstract:23 essays written from a black and feminist perspective that tackle the difficulties of racism by envisioning a world without it.

Memoir of a Race Traitor
Segrest, Mab. "Memoir of a Race Traitor." South End Press pp. 273. 1994. [Book] [206.seg]
Abstract:Against the backdrop of nine generations of her family`s history, Segrest explores her experience as a white lesbian organizing against a virulent Far Right movement in North Carolina.

Portraits of White Racism
Wellman, David. "Portraits of White Racism." Cambridge University Press pp. 270. 1977. [Book] [206.wel]
Abstract:Focuses on a sociological theory of racism

Race Matters
West, Cornel. "Race Matters." Vintage Books pp. 159. 2001. [Book] [701.wes]
Abstract:Subject matter ranges from the crisis in black leadership and the myths surrounding black sexuality.

Racial-Minority Victim Involvement within the Criminal Justice System and Mental Health Services
Collins, Mary Elizabeth. "Racial-Minority Victim Involvement within the Criminal Justice System and Mental Health Services." ICJIA pp. 80. 1990. [Document] [206.col]
Abstract:Look at the reasons minorities do not utilize social service systems offered.

Remembering Conquest
Lewis, Nantawan Boonprasat & Fortune, Maria. "Remembering Conquest." In: Feminist/Womanist Perspectives on Religion, Colonization and Sexual Violence. Haworth Pastoral Press pp. 91. 1999. [Book] [202.lew]
Abstract:Essays exploring sexual violence as a weapon of American neocolonialism and white supremacy.

Sisters of the Yam
hooks, bell. "Sisters of the Yam." In: black women and self-recovery. South End Press pp. 197. 1993. [Book] [701.hoo]
Abstract:Addresses the inner well-being of black women and how their development is shaped by the daily assault of institutionalized structures of domination.

Talking the Walk
Cutting, Hunter & Themba-Nixon, Makani. "Talking the Walk." In: A Communications Guide for Racial Justice. AK Press pp. 192. 2006. [Book] [206.cut]
Abstract:Resource for learning to discuss and spin issues of race and racial justice.

The Psychopathology of Everday Racism and Sexism
Fulani, Lenora. "The Psychopathology of Everday Racism and Sexism." Harrington Park Press pp. 120. 1988. [Book] [206.ful]
Abstract:Can Traditional psychology meet the needs of women of color?

The Sacred Hoop
Allen, Paula Gunn. "The Sacred Hoop." In: Recovering the Feminine in American Indian Traditions. Beacon Press pp. 311. 1986. [Book] [206.all]
Abstract:Allen`s essays arguing that colonization transformed and obscured what were once woman-centered cultures.

The Speaking Profits Us
, . "The Speaking Profits Us." In: Violence in the Lives of Women of Color. Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence pp. 30. 1986. [Paper/Booklet] [206.cps]
Abstract:Printed in Spanish and English.

The Wages of Whiteness
Roediger, David. "The Wages of Whiteness." In: Race and the making of the American Working Class. Verso pp. 199. 1999. [Book] [206.roe]
Abstract:Study of the formative years of working class racism in the United States.Study of the formative years of working class racism in the United States.

White Lies White Power
Novick, Michael. "White Lies White Power." In: The fight against white supremacy and reactionary violence. Common Courage Press pp. 350. 1995. [Book] [206.nov]
Abstract:Explores the lasting power of racism in daily life.

Why are all the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria
Tatum, Beverly Daniel. "Why are all the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria." In: And Other Conversations about Race. Basic Books pp. 297. 2003. [Book] [701.tat]
Abstract:Book provides innovative ways to think and talk about race.

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