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Beauty Secrets
Chapkis, Wendy. "Beauty Secrets." In: Women and the politics of appearance. South End Press pp. 214. 1986. [Book] [205.cha]
Abstract:Explores the links between appearance, gender and sexuality.

Bridges of Power
Albrecht, Lisa & Brewer, Rose. "Bridges of Power." In: Women`s Multicultural Alliances. New Society Publishers pp. 244. 1990. [Book] [206.alb]
Abstract:24 writers who sing the struggles through which the women`s movement is broadening and gathering force.

Crimes Against Women
Russell, Diana & Vandeven, Nicole. "Crimes Against Women." In: The proceedings of the International Tribunal. Les Femmes pp. 298. 1976. [Book] [200.rus]
Abstract:Story of the first Tribunal on Crimes Against Women held in Brussels, Belgium in 1976.

Essays on sex equality
Mill, John Stuart & Mill, Harriet Taylor. "Essays on sex equality." In: Writings by John Stuart Mill and Harriet Taylor Mill. University of Chicago Press pp. 242. 1970. [Book] []
Abstract:All the writings of the Mills on equality between the sexes, including John Stuart Mill`s The Subjecation of Women.

Every Mother`s Son
Arcana, Judith. "Every Mother`s Son." In: The Role of Mothers in the Making of Men. The Seal Press pp. 323. 1986. [Book] [205.arc]
Abstract:A compelling examination of male socialization and the role of women in raising sons.

Feminist Forum
Heide, Wilma. "Feminist Forum." In: Commentaries by the Women`s Studies Committee and Friends. Sangamon State University pp. 43. 1982. [Paper/Booklet] [202.hei]
Abstract:Essays by authors on a variety of subjects.

Four Theories of Rape in American Society
Baron, Larry & Straus, Murry. "Four Theories of Rape in American Society." In: A State-Level Analysis. Yale University Press pp. 250. 1989. [Book] []
Abstract:Authors bring together four theories of rape and make one conclusion of why rape rates are different in different states.

Goddesses and Monsters
Caputi, Jane. "Goddesses and Monsters." In: Women, Myth, Power and Popular Culture. University of Wisconsin Press pp. 469. 2004. [Book] [205.cap]
Abstract:Collection of essays taking on popular culture and its negative energy.

Growing up Sexualized: Issues of Power and Violence in the Lives of Female Exotic Dancers
Wesely, Jennifer. "Growing up Sexualized: Issues of Power and Violence in the Lives of Female Exotic Dancers." Violence Against Women Journal pp. 26. 2002. [Journal Article] [205.wes]
Abstract:Study of the lives of exotic dancers and how they came into the lives.

Hate Crimes Seminar
, . "Hate Crimes Seminar." In: Working Together to Stop Hate Crimes. State of Illinois 1998. [Document] [200.ill]
Abstract:Documents from Hate Crimes Seminar sponsored by the Il. Attorney General`s office in 1998.

Pharr, Suzanne. "Homophobia." In: A Weapon of Sexism. Chardon Press pp. 91. 1988. [Book] [208.pha]
Abstract:Analysis of why homophobia exists and the way it works.

In our time
Brownmiller, Susan. "In our time." In: Memoir of a Revolution. Delta Trade Paperbacks pp. 360. 2002. [Book] [202.bro]
Abstract:Brownmiller`s memoir of four decades spent on the front lines of the women`s movement.

Intimate Intrusions
Stanko, Elizabeth. "Intimate Intrusions." In: Women`s Experience of Male Violence. Routledge and Kegan Paul pp. 211. 1985. [Book] [102.sta]
Abstract:British-based work examines women`s experiences of male violence and the reaction of those to whom women complain about male violence.

Men on Rape
Beneke, Timothy. "Men on Rape." In: What they have to say about sexual violence. St. Martin`s Press pp. 174. 1982. [Book] []
Abstract:Interviews with men from a wide range of cultural and economic sections about rape.

Nonoffending Mothers of Sexually Abused Children:
Bolen, Rebecca. "Nonoffending Mothers of Sexually Abused Children:." In: A case of Institutionalized Sexism?. Violence Against Women Journal pp. 29. V. 9.2003. [Journal Article] [205.bol]
Abstract:Study of the treatment of non-offending mothers and how the system is set up to go against them.

Refusing to be a Man
Stoltenberg, John. "Refusing to be a Man." In: Essays on Sex and Justice. Breitenbush Books pp. 225. 1989. [Book] [202.sto]
Abstract:Explores the heart of men`s belief that they are "men" and finds it to be an invention.

Reviving Ophelia
Pipher, Mary. "Reviving Ophelia." In: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls. G.P. Putnam Son`s pp. 293. 1994. [Book] [205.pip]
Abstract:Look at the difficulty facing teenage girls in U.S. society.

Shortchanging Girls, Shortchanging America
, . "Shortchanging Girls, Shortchanging America." In: A nationwide poll that assesses self-esteem, educational experiences, interest in math and science. American Association of University Women pp. 19. 1994. [Document] [205.aau]
Abstract:Commissioned by the American Association of University Women

Slow Motion
Segal, Lynne. "Slow Motion." In: Changing masculinities, Changing Men. Rutgers University Press pp. 320. 1990. [Book] [205.seg]
Abstract:Approaches the changing nature of men`s lives and experiences in a new way, by looking not at masculinity, but at specific masculinities. The competing images roles are analyzed.

The Female Fear
Gordon, Margaret & Riger, Stephanie. "The Female Fear." In: The social cost of Rape. The Free Press pp. 230. 1989. [Book] [202.gor]
Abstract:Examines the sense of fear that limits the way women lead their lives.

The First Ms. Reader
Klagsbrun, Francine. "The First Ms. Reader." In: An anthology of articles.. Warner Paperback Library pp. 282. 1973. [Book] [200.kla]
Abstract:How women are changing their lives -- in work, sex, politics, love, poers, and life styles.

The Hite Report on the Family
Hite, Shere. "The Hite Report on the Family." In: Growing up under patriarchy. Grove Press pp. 420. 1994. [Book] [201.hit]
Abstract:Argues that the family isn`t collapsing but becoming deocratized.

The Invisible Web
Walters, Marianne & Carter, Betty. "The Invisible Web." In: Gender Patterns in Family Relationships. The Guilford Press pp. 408. 1988. [Book] [205.wal]
Abstract:Investigation of the family from a feminist perspective.

The Psychopathology of Everday Racism and Sexism
Fulani, Lenora. "The Psychopathology of Everday Racism and Sexism." Harrington Park Press pp. 120. 1988. [Book] [206.ful]
Abstract:Can Traditional psychology meet the needs of women of color?

Ties that Bind
O`Barr, Jean & Pope, Deborah. "Ties that Bind." In: Essays on Mothering and Patriarchy. University of Chicago Press pp. 306. 1990. [Book] [205.oba]
Abstract:12 essays documenting the ways in which the western ideal of mothering is transmitted and manifested.

Toward a Feminist Theory of the State
MacKinnon, Catharine. "Toward a Feminist Theory of the State." Harvard University Press pp. 326. 1989. [Book] [205.mac]
Abstract:MacKinnon`s analysis of politics, sexuality, and the law from the perspective of women.

Virgin or Vamp
Benedict, Helen. "Virgin or Vamp." In: How the Press Covers Sex Crimes. Oxford University Press pp. 309. 1992. [Book] [203.ben]
Abstract:Study of how the media covers sex crimes in relation to its portrayel of females.

Women`s Lives, Men`s Laws
MacKinnon, Catharine A.. "Women`s Lives, Men`s Laws." Harvard Press pp. 557. 2005. [Book] [200.mac]
Abstract:Collection of previously unpublished writings from MacKinnon from 1980 to the present.

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