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Framed! Spinning Race in the Media
, . "Framed! Spinning Race in the Media." ColorLines pp. 15. 2003. [Magazine] [706.col]
Abstract:Series of articles on race and the media that appeared in ColorLines magazine.

Gender, Race and Class in Media
Dines, Gail & Humez, Jean. "Gender, Race and Class in Media." Sage Publications pp. 774. 2003. [Book] [200.din]
Abstract:Collection of articles on the impact of media.

Partners in Social Change
, . "Partners in Social Change." In: Working with the media. Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs pp. 16. 2005. [Journal Article] [203.was]
Abstract:Variety of articles on working with the media, including media education, the media and people with disabilities, hip hop and its portrayal of sexual violence.

Pornography and the Media: Cultural Representations of Violence Against Women
Dines, Gail. "Pornography and the Media: Cultural Representations of Violence Against Women." ICASA Coalition Commentary Fall 2000 pp. 5. 2000. [Journal Article] [210.din]
Abstract:Focuses on the media`s role in violence against women.

Television and Women`s Culture
Brown, Mary Ellen. "Television and Women`s Culture." In: The Politics of Popular. Sage Publications pp. 244. 1990. [Book] [203.bro]
Abstract:Contributors examine the relationship between television and women`s culture.

Time to Identify Rape Victims in the Press?
Murphy, Wendy. "Time to Identify Rape Victims in the Press?." Sexual Assault Report pp. 2. V. 7.2003. [Journal Article] [203.mur]
Abstract:Article explaining why sexual assault victims should not have their name revealed in the media.

Virgin or Vamp
Benedict, Helen. "Virgin or Vamp." In: How the Press Covers Sex Crimes. Oxford University Press pp. 309. 1992. [Book] [203.ben]
Abstract:Study of how the media covers sex crimes in relation to its portrayel of females.

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