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A Vision to End Sexual Assault
CALCASA, . "A Vision to End Sexual Assault." In: The CALCASA Strategic Forum Report. California Coalition Against Sexual Assault pp. 56. 2001. [Book] [201.cal]
Abstract:Developed to expose the insidiousness of sexual violence, raise public awareness of critical issues, & change community consciousness about this ongoing problem.

Children and Violence
Reiss, David & Richters, John. "Children and Violence." The Guilford Press pp. 136. 1993. [Book] [201.rei]
Abstract:Documents the rise in violence in our communities and explores its impact on children`s physical, psychological and social development.

Controversy & Coalition
Feree, Myra Marx & Hess, Beth. "Controversy & Coalition." In: The New Feminist Movement across Three Decads of Change. Twayne Publishers pp. 278. 1994. [Book] [201.fer]
Abstract:Overview of the women`s movement from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Criminalizing Abused Girls
Simkins, Sandra & Katz, Sarah. "Criminalizing Abused Girls." Violence Against Women Journal pp. 25. 2002. [Journal Article] [201.sim]
Abstract:Study of how the justice system criminalizes girls that have been abused.

In our time
Brownmiller, Susan. "In our time." In: Memoir of a Revolution. Delta Trade Paperbacks pp. 360. 2002. [Book] [202.bro]
Abstract:Brownmiller`s memoir of four decades spent on the front lines of the women`s movement.

Moving the Mountain
Cantarow, Ellen. "Moving the Mountain." In: Women Working for Social Change. The Feminist Press pp. 166. 1980. [Book] [201.can]
Abstract:Oral histories of three political activists.

The Hite Report on the Family
Hite, Shere. "The Hite Report on the Family." In: Growing up under patriarchy. Grove Press pp. 420. 1994. [Book] [201.hit]
Abstract:Argues that the family isn`t collapsing but becoming deocratized.

The Pro-Choice Movement
Staggenborg, Suzanne. "The Pro-Choice Movement." In: Organization and Activism in the Abortion Conflict. Oxford University Press pp. 228. 1991. [Book] [201.sta]
Abstract:Traces the development of the pro-choice movement from its origins through the 1980s.

Violence Against Women
Bender, David. "Violence Against Women." In: Current Controversy series. Greenhaven Press pp. 320. 1994. [Book] [202.ben]
Abstract:Collection of articles regarding violence against women.

Women at the Margins
Figueira-McDonough, Josefina & Sarri, Rosemary. "Women at the Margins." In: Neglect, Punishment and Resistance. Haworth Press pp. 432. 2002. [Book] [200.fig]
Abstract:Compilation of research and articles on different cultures and groups of women facing oppression.

Women in the Front Line
, . "Women in the Front Line." In: An Amnesty International Report. Amnesty International Publications pp. 56. 1991. [Document] [201.air]
Abstract:Report surveys human rights violations suffered by women around the world.

Women`s Studies Quarterly
, . "Women`s Studies Quarterly." In: Looking Back, Moving Forward: 25 Years of Women`s Studies History. Feminist Press pp. 459. V. XXV.1997. [Book] [201.fem]
Abstract:Educational project of the Feminist Press.

You just give them what they want and pray they don`t kill you
Dalla, Rochelle & Xia, Yan. "You just give them what they want and pray they don`t kill you." In: Street-level sex workers` reports of victimization, personal resources and coping strategies. Violence Against Women Journal pp. 28. V. 9.2003. [Journal Article] [706.dal]
Abstract:Research on violence in the lives of prostitutes.

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