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Fish in a Barrel
Tower, Grace. "Fish in a Barrel." In: A true story of sexual abuse in therapy. American Book Publishing pp. 275. 2005. [Book] [110.tow]
Abstract:Personal account of a person who was abused by her therapist and how she recovered from the abuse.

Licensed to Rape?
Sullivan, John A.. "Licensed to Rape?." Learning Publications, Inc. pp. 215. 1999. [Book] [112.sul]
Abstract:Examines abuses of a doctor-patient relationship that included statutory rape, felony rape, sexual molestation, narcotics to induce patient dependency, use of insurance & welfare funds to to buy drugs for resale, & a host of fraudulent billing practices tolerated by the medical profession, government officials, insurance companies, & the voting public.

Professional Sexual Exploitation
Constantinides, Kathy. "Professional Sexual Exploitation." In: A handbook for survivors. Sexual Assault Information Network of Michigan pp. 48. 1993. [Paper/Booklet] [112.con]
Abstract:Informational guidebook.

Sequelae of Incest
Yaple, Karen. "Sequelae of Incest." In: A study of women in therapy. Southern Illinois University pp. 88. 1983. [Document] [109.yap]
Abstract:Yaple`s thesis on incest.

Sex in the Forbidden Zone
Rutter, Peter. "Sex in the Forbidden Zone." In: When Men in Power, Therapists, Doctors, Clergy, Teachers, and Others, Betray Women`s Trust. Jeremy P. Tarcher pp. 240. 1989. [Book] [112.rut]
Abstract:Author explains the familial and cultural influences that drive so many men to betray the trust placed in them and so many women to collude in their own victimization.

Sex in the Therapy Hour
Bates, Carolyn & Brodsky, Annette. "Sex in the Therapy Hour." In: A Case of Professional Incest. Guilford Press pp. 234. 1989. [Book] [112.bat]
Abstract:Personal story of a woman who was abused by her therapist and her struggle to recover.

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