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After Silence
Raine, Nancy Venable. "After Silence." In: Rape and My Journey Back. Three Rivers Press pp. 278. 1998. [Book] [110.rai]
Abstract:Story of author`s recovery from being raped.

Dancing with Daddy
Petersen, Betsy. "Dancing with Daddy." In: A childhood lost and a life regained. Bantam Books pp. 180. 2001. [Book] []
Abstract:Story of an incest survivor`s struggle to overcome her abuse.

Everything Has a Price
Jackson, Veraunda. "Everything Has a Price." In: If you have the strength to survive, you have the power to succeed. EHAP Inc. pp. 192. 1999. [Book] [200.jac]
Abstract:A motivational testimony from a survivor on tapping into the strength within to revive the power thaA motivational testimony from a survivor on tapping into the strength within to revive the power thaA motivational testimony from a survivor on tapping into the strength within to revive the power tha

Fish in a Barrel
Tower, Grace. "Fish in a Barrel." In: A true story of sexual abuse in therapy. American Book Publishing pp. 275. 2005. [Book] [110.tow]
Abstract:Personal account of a person who was abused by her therapist and how she recovered from the abuse.

Half the House
Hoffman, Richard. "Half the House." In: A Memoir. Harcourt Brace & Company pp. 190. 1995. [Book] [110-hof]
Abstract:Depicts a family`s struggles to care for two terminally ill children, recounts the sexual abuse to which the author, at age 10, was subjected by his coach, and explores the ways in which grief and rage estrange those who need each other most.

How to Make Love Like a Porn Star
Jameson, Jenna. "How to Make Love Like a Porn Star." In: A Cautionary Tale. ReganBooks pp. 575. 1900. [Book] [800.jam]
Abstract:Memoirs of pornography star Jameson. Details abuses encountered and degredation that is the porn industry. Extremely graphic and contains photos.

I am the Central Park Jogger
Meili, Trisha. "I am the Central Park Jogger." In: A story of hope and possibility. Scribner pp. 255. 2003. [Book] [112.mei]
Abstract:Story of the Central Park Jogger and her recovery

In Honor of My Child/Your Child
Smith, Sharon. "In Honor of My Child/Your Child." In: And all sexually abused children of the world. Professional Press pp. 118. 1999. [Book] [110.smi]
Abstract:Personal story of abuse

Kiss Daddy Goodnight
Armstrong, Louise. "Kiss Daddy Goodnight." In: 10 Years Later. Pocket Books pp. 291. 1986. [Book] [110.arm]
Abstract:A devastating expose on the trauma of incest. This book comes 10 years after the original and discusses what has and hasn`t changed during the time frame.

Life after Rape
Larsen, Kathryn. "Life after Rape." In: Survivors Speak: Healing Words for All. Butler Books pp. 108. 1990. [Book] [110.lar]
Abstract:A collection of personal writings, journal entries, poems and stories about the real experiences of victims of rape.

Listening to Olivia
Raphael, Jody. "Listening to Olivia." In: Violence, Poverty and Prostitution. Northeastern University Press pp. 305. 2004. [Book] [706.rap]
Abstract:Account of Olivia`s life in prostitution and how she recovered.

Sebold, Alice. "Lucky." In: They said I was lucky. Springer pp. 254. 1999. [Book] [110.seb]
Abstract:Memoir of the author`s rape at the age of 18 and her recovery from the experience.

My Father`s House
Fraser, Sylvia. "My Father`s House." In: Memoir of Incest and Healing. Harper & Row pp. 254. 1987. [Book] [110.fra]
Abstract:Story of a victim who begins unraveling her past 40 years after being abused.

Sex in the Therapy Hour
Bates, Carolyn & Brodsky, Annette. "Sex in the Therapy Hour." In: A Case of Professional Incest. Guilford Press pp. 234. 1989. [Book] [112.bat]
Abstract:Personal story of a woman who was abused by her therapist and her struggle to recover.

Shattered Innocence
Vates, Kelly. "Shattered Innocence." In: Revealing story of sexual abuse, its aftermath and recovery. Evergreen Press pp. 148. 2001. [Book] [110.vat]
Abstract:Author reveals her past abuse and attempts to show a path to hope, healing and recovery.

Anderson, Laurie Halse. "Speak." Puffin Books pp. 200. 1999. [Book] [110.and]
Abstract:Award winning book from a teenager and her recovery after being raped at a party.

Speaking Out, Fighting Back
Gallagher, Sister Vera & Dodds, William F.. "Speaking Out, Fighting Back." In: Personal Experiences of Women Who Survived Childhood Sexual Abuse in the Home. Madrona Publishers pp. 223. 1985. [Book] []
Abstract:Book about courageous women, willing to share their pain to help others, and about the helpers who have made the way easier for them.

Stolen Innocence
Merryn, Erin. "Stolen Innocence." In: Memoir. Universe Inc. pp. 225. 2004. [Book] [110.mer]
Abstract:Personal story of the sexual abuse suffered by a young girl and through excerpts from her diary shows how she found the strength to move forward.

Stop the Violence
Writers, Brainchild. "Stop the Violence." In: Poetry for a Take Back the Night Ceremony of Remembrance. Rosehill Press pp. 40. 1996. [Paper/Booklet] [110.wri]
Abstract:Poetry book.

The Incident
Rhodes, Dusty. "The Incident." In: She said she was raped, and police agreed - but her assailant was never charged.. Illinois Times pp. 7. 2004. [Journal Article] [110.rho]
Abstract:Article on a victim`s story of trying to get prosecutors to charge her rapist.

The Minds of Billy Milligan
Keyes, Daniel. "The Minds of Billy Milligan." In: A biography. Random House pp. 374. 1981. [Book] [110.key]
Abstract:Biography of a rapist who suffers from multiple personality disorder.

The Missing Voice
Ashley, Sandi. "The Missing Voice." Kendall/Hunt Publishing pp. 130. 1992. [Book] [110.ash]
Abstract:Collection of first-person accounts of sexual abuse. Written by the mothers of victims who are also either the wife or mother of the offender.

The Mother I Carry
Wisechild, Louise. "The Mother I Carry." In: A Memoir of Healing from Emotional Abuse. Seal Press pp. 277. 1993. [Book] [110.wis]
Abstract:Exploration of the author`s relationship with her abusive mother.

The Obsidian Mirror
Wisechild, Louise. "The Obsidian Mirror." In: An Adult Healing From Incest. Seal Press pp. 278. 2001. [Book] [110.wis]
Abstract:Journey as an adult survivor of incest; the pain of her expereince and the power of her healing.

Voices of Courage
Domitrz, Michael. "Voices of Courage." In: Inspiration from Survivors of Sexual Assault. Awareness Publications pp. 120. 2005. [Book] [110.dom]
Abstract:Personal stories from 12 survivors of sexual assault. It includes an audio CD of the book being read by the survivors.

When Katie Wakes
Fowler, Connie May. "When Katie Wakes." In: a memoir. Doubleday pp. 271. 2002. [Book] [112.fow]
Abstract:Memoir of the author`s painful childhood and the abusive relationship she endured as a young adult.

Where I Stopped
Ramsey, Martha. "Where I Stopped." In: Remembering an Adolescent Rape. Harcourt Brace and Company pp. 353. 1995. [Book] [110.ram]
Abstract:One of the first memoirs about adolescent rape.

With the Phoenix Rising
Grossman, Frances & Cook, Alexandra. "With the Phoenix Rising." In: Lessons from Ten Resilient Women who overcame the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. Jossey-Bass pp. 258. 1999. [Book] [303.gro]
Abstract:Lessons from 10 women who have successfully integrated the expereince of traumatic childhood sexual abuse into their lives. Provides hope for fellow survivors and gives clinicians the insight they need to help encourage other women.

Working with Available Light
Kalven, Jamie. "Working with Available Light." In: A Family`s World After Violence. W.W. Norton and Company pp. 320. 1999. [Book] [110.kal]
Abstract:Account written by the husband of a rape victim covers the five years following the incident and how it affected their family.

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